Parking Mobile App

There’s an app for everything these days, and parking is no different. With a parking mobile app, vehicle owners can discover, reserve, and pay for parking services without the hassles of physical tickets, cash transactions, or waiting in long queues. Using a parking mobile app is also great for the environment since it reduces the time that people spend looking for a good spot, effectively bringing down their carbon footprint.

Transport authorities from governments around the world are investing in parking mobile apps of their own to streamline mobility and reduce congestion in their areas. Since these apps provide authorities with information about parking availability and usage, they can also prove to be useful tools for reinforcement.

How to make a parking mobile app

Parking operators are facing increasing pressure to offer their services on a digital platform like a parking mobile app, but building such a solution from scratch is time-consuming and costly. With Get My Parking, parking lot owners can create their parking mobile app, customized with their brand colors, logo, and features of their choice.

Our retrofit technology makes sure that our custom-branded app and parking management software works seamlessly with your existing equipment. Using the custom parking mobile app, users can find spots, create and manage sessions, and pay online for a convenient and hands-on parking experience.


  • Cross-platform app available on iOS/Android/Web
  • Enables ticketless access to your parking locations
  • Cashless payments for parking and Value Added Services
  • On-demand integrations with third-party apps/websites

Get My Parking's scalable smart parking software is an operator’s best choice for automating and future-proofing their parking lots.